is coconut oil comedogenic?

Is coconut oil comedogenic?

By the 09 June 2020

Modifié le 09 June 2020

Coconut oil has numerous benefits as an ingredient in beauty products. However, for some time now, coconut oil has been labeled as highly comedogenic, meaning it clogs your pores. So, does coconut oil give you spots? Let us explain…


What is a comedogenic product?


When a product is comedogenic it means that it can cause blackheads which in turn encourages micro-cysts and blocked pores to form, and excess sebum to be produced which blocks the skin’s pores. In fact, certain products that we think are good for the skin, actually obstruct sebum from being naturally expelled and cause inflammation. The ‘comedogenic’ products are easy to avoid, you just have to look out for the source on the ingredients list: mineral, esterified, and hydrogenated oils, as well as mineral, animal, and plant-based waxes…


Should we banish coconut oil from our self-care routine?


Coconut oil has been written about as being highly comedogenic in a number of articles that suggest it’s worth avoiding unless you want to get some nasty spots… But be careful, this all depends on the type of coconut oil and how you are using it! :)


If you are using esterified or hydrogenated coconut oil, you’re risking seeing your skin deteriorate in no time at all. It’s also worth mentioning, that coconut oil is not alone in being comedogenic, but that all esterified or hydrogenated oils will give you a whole load of unpleasant surprises. Produced by a hot reaction with synthetic additives, in order to improve yield, these oils have been stripped of all their benefits. In the same vein, if you use a coconut oil-based product that is made with a mineral oil, your skin might play some nasty tricks on you! Mineral oils are made with petrol as a base and so don’t compliment your skin well at all, stopping it from breathing, and blocking your pores. So if this is the kind of coconut oil you’re using, it will of course be comedogenic!


On the other hand, if you use a cold-pressed, non-hydrogenated and non-esterified coconut oil, you’ll see a huge difference! All the same, coconut oil is still a very rich and nourishing oil, and one which shouldn’t be overused if you have spot-prone oily skin. But a small amount in your products will help your skin to thrive (boosting hydration, preventing chapped lips, preventing scars and stretch marks), it also has a whitening action on your teeth and nourishing, lice-preventing effects on your hair! 


A little tip to help you out: If you want to buy coconut oil-based products, look out for ‘cocos nucifera oil’ on the ingredients list! :) 


Coconut oil in your oOlution products


As you know, at oOlution we don’t use any mineral, esterified, or hydrogenated oils, and instead opt for raw and organic plant oils that have numerous benefits thanks to their wealth of active ingredients!


You’ll find coconut oil, in small quantities, in almost all of our products because we want to enjoy all of its benefits: deep hydration, antioxidant and regenerating, soothing after sun-exposure, soothing to redness…


For example, you’ll find coconut oil in our makeup-removing oil Oil Right, alongside a blend of more than 25 other plant oils!

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