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How to make avocado oil at home

By the 20 May 2020

Modifié le 22 May 2020

Avocado oil is full of benefits to your health, skin, and your hair. And if you’d prefer to avoid all of the artificial additives and preservatives that you’d find in shop-bought avocado oil, you can make your own avocado oil at home. Here’s the recipe!


Ingredients and equipment:

– 4 ripe organic avocados
– a large bowl
– a masher
– a large tray
– a muslin or cheesecloth
– a jar with a lid (like a jam jar)
– a coffee filter



Remove the avocado stones and mash them into a smooth puree.

Spread a thin layer of the mashed avocado onto the tray.

Leave the tray in the sun (if it’s hot out), or in the oven at a low heat, for around 6 hours, or until the avocado is dry and brown.

Scrape the dry avocado off the tray with a knife.

Put the muslin over the top of the jar, add a handful of the avocado, and squeeze the pulp so that the oil begins to collect in the jar.

Repeat this process until you’ve squeezed oil out of all of the avocado flakes, and the jar fills up with avocado oil.

Filter the avocado oil with a coffee filter, and that’s all there is to it!


You don’t need to keep the oil in the fridge if you’re planning on using it within a few weeks, but it can keep for several months in the fridge if you’d rather not use it all straight away. To keep it as fresh as possible, keep the jar in a dry zone, away from sunlight. For our advice on how to use avocado oil, check out our article on avocado oil for the hair.


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