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By the 14 May 2020

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Day cream or night cream: do we really need to mix up our skincare routine, or is it just marketing? We’ll explain everything… 


What’s the difference between a day and a night routine? 


Changing up your routine from morning to night isn’t really necessary. The only reason you would is down to the richness of the products. In the daytime, we tend to opt for a cream that mattifies and protects the skin from external aggressors. By contrast, in the evening it can be good to opt for a serum made from a blend of organic plant oils and essential oils which will take thorough care of your skin, and you don’t need to be afraid of being too shiny! If you aren’t a fan of oily products, you can always mix a few drops into your moisturiser! :)
It is also important to remove your makeup and cleanse your face in the evening in order to get rid of any leftover makeup residue, dirt, and any other pollutants that have accumulated on your face throughout the day, blocking your pores and stopping them from breathing. Your skin will also be in a better position to absorb all of the benefits of any products you then apply.


What’s more is that if you skip the makeup-removing/cleansing step, your cell renewal will slow down and the skin will find itself in a state of oxidative stress, in other words, more stressed and reactive skin. What’s the result? Spots, redness, dilated pores, a dull complexion, and premature aging which brings with it dehydration, wrinkles, lines, and so much more!


Don’t forget that night time is when the skin regenerates itself! Some chronobiological studies have shown that the most cell renewal occurs at 1 am, and the least at 1 pm, when the body actually produces up to three times fewer cells.


oOlution’s evening routine


1. Removing your makeup:


Pop a few drops of makeup removing oil Oil Right on the tips of your fingers, and massage your skin and eyes gently, without wetting your face beforehand. You can focus on your lashes to remove stubborn makeup, using very gentle motions so as not to damage this fragile area. If you are wearing very heavy makeup on your eyes, you can leave the oil to get to work for a minute before rinsing, it won’t sting your eyes or your skin. Rinse with clear water to get rid of all remaining traces of makeup.


2. Cleansing:


After you have removed your makeup and dampened your face, cleanse your face with a gentle gel cleanser, Gentle Angel, massaging it in with the tips of your fingers, avoiding the delicate eye area, before rising. Dry your face with a clean towel.


3. Cleansing, the finishing touch:


Apply some of our toning water Flower Power using a reusable cotton pad or apply a few sprays directly to your face to finish off your cleansing. It will remove the lime from the hard water you rinsed with, as well as soothe, detoxify your skin and prepare it to get the most out of your moisturising products! 😉


4. The eye area: 


Use Eye Love before applying your hydrator to reduce dark circles, bags, and wrinkles around the eye area. To boost its effectiveness, you can apply your cream all around the eye socket, up across the arch of the brow, rather than directly on your undereye and lid. Dab it in gently and massage from the inner to the outer corner until the cream is absorbed.


5. Oil treatment:


Use our plumping face oil Plump It which firms, illuminates, and tones the skin. Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, it is ideal to help the skin renew itself overnight. When you wake up, the skin will be regenerated and bouncy. In the evening, apply 2-3 drops to the tips of your fingers, warm it up a little by rubbing your fingers together, apply all over the face, and that’s that! 😉


5. (option 2, if you don’t like oily textures):


If you have very dry skin, opt for our facial hydrator Whole Again, mixed in with a few drops of our plumping oil Plump It!


If your skin is normal to combination or combination to oily, go for Glow Up, in order to hydrate your skin without making it feel greasy. Again, add in a few drops of Plump It!


And finally, if you have wrinkles or fine lines… We’ve got the perfect solution: Age Out + Plump It! You’ll be waving goodbye to signs of aging on the spot!


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