5 tips to prevent back spots

By the 29 April 2020

Modifié le 29 April 2020

They’re not pretty and they’re very irritating, back spots can sometimes make life hard. Like spots on the face, they are linked to high sebum production which tends to block pores. Here’s our advice to help you wave goodbye to back spots for good. 


1. Look after your skin, like you would your face!

Just like for the face, try not to squeeze your back spots, which increases the risk of infection. Don’t hesitate to dry them out with a drop of tea tree oil, applied locally to the spot with a cotton bud.

2. Adopt a specific body care routine

Dead skin cells that stick around your body can be the cause of back spots. Try to exfoliate your body once or twice a month (once a week max) with a gentle scrub that you can make yourself, in order to clear the skin’s pores and avoid spots. You can find our DIY body scrub recipe here. Be careful not to scrub too hard and aggravate the skin which will produce more sebum as a defense mechanism. 😉 

In the shower, some hair care products are worth avoiding if you are prone to getting back spots, particularly a lot of conventional conditioners. When you rinse off the conditioner, an oily residue covers your skin. When it comes to conventional conditioners, this residue is rich in silicones and comedogenic mineral oils. The worst part is that this residue can get into your skin’s pores, which are open thanks to the hot water. This process, which blocks the sebaceous glands, encourages bacteria to develop and can cause back spots. This is why it is important to wash your hair before washing your body.

Just like you look after your face, cleanse your back with a gentle gel cleanser rich in natural plant oils and extracts and rinse with cold water to close your pores.


After exercising, jump into the shower, don’t leave the sweat to pollute your skin. 


3. Wash your clothes and sheets more often! 

Clean your sheets, pillowcases, and towels once a week. They can be real nests of bacteria where dirt tends to accumulate. Opt for an organic, gentle, and fragrance-free detergent.

In the same vein, think about washing your bras regularly (if you wear them) and check that they’re not too tight, which can cause some irritation.

In general, try to wear cotton clothes, which are loose-fitting and which let the skin breathe.

4. Eat healthily

Just like the face, your diet is the most natural and effective way to prevent back spots from developing. For more information on what you should and shouldn’t be eating, check out our article on how your diet can regulate your oily skin.


5. Try to relax, as much as possible 😉 

The skin and nervous system are undeniably linked. Scientists have also shown that if you are acne-prone, an increase in anxiety can automatically cause spots to appear. So it is important to relax and to find ways to relax and find hobbies that allow you to escape the stresses of every day: yoga, meditation, sophrology, painting…

In the same way, try not to fixate on these little blemishes – you’re beautiful with or without them! You’ll see that it’s when you stop thinking about them that these little blemishes will disappear. 😉


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