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By the 28 April 2020

Modifié le 28 April 2020

Before, if a brand wanted to sell their products to the Chinese market, they were obliged to test these products on animals. In March 2019, China put an end to this rule for the marketing of finished beauty products in its country.


The end of cosmetic animal testing in China?


The Chinese Government has approved two new non-animal methods of testing beauty products:


    • The direct peptide reaction test to measure the sensitivity of the skin that has had the product rubbed on to it.


    • The short-term exposure test to analyse the potential eye irritation of a product, previously applied in small drops to the eyes.


However, these only refer to post-commercialisation cosmetics tests. In reality, this new law does not bring a definitive end to animal testing in China, because the requirements for testing products before they are released on the market haven’t yet been clarified for imported beauty products. The original ingredients making up the final formula of products are still part of the requirements in order to be able to sell the products in China.


Often, we are under the impression that European brands don’t test their products on animals, because of the EU regulations, but you’d be wrong! In order to be able to sell their products in China, big cosmetics companies are obliged to put their products to the test, often carried out by specialised Chinese organisations. The animals’ wellbeing often doesn’t count for much when it’s up against the potential of the vast Chinese market!


How can we help the animals that are faced with this cruelty?


On the one hand, by buying from brands that are ‘cruelty-free’ and ‘vegan’, which will guarantee you: the absence of animal testing and animal-derived ingredients in the product and its packaging. As well as this, you’ll be sparing the lives of dogs, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, and many more animals, that are sacrificed by these useless tests.


On the other hand, you can look towards organisations like GRAAL, who give a second chance to lab cats and dogs and adopt them. Obviously, you have to consider that looking after a rescue animal takes a lot of time and care, because these animals have often grown up in kennels and don’t know anything about living in a house or an apartment, so they can be timid! But with lots of love, these animals can live a normal life thanks to you!


What is our opinion?


oOlution has chosen to not import their products to the Chinese market for one single reason: saving animals’ lives. As a 100% ethical and vegan brand we refuse to contribute to animal exploitation. Our products are tested according to the law, on people who have opted-in voluntarily. In addition, our formulas are all 100% plant-based!


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