How to reduce redness on your face

By the 24 April 2020

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Perhaps it’s because you’re shy, have been consuming alcohol, or maybe its a skin condition or reaction. In any case, redness on the face can quickly become persistent and problematic. Here are our top tips to control facial redness!


What’s causing it?


Redness can be caused by the dilation of blood vessels situated just beneath the skin’s surface. They can appear in various situations that come about in daily life:


Strong emotion (stress, shyness, anger…)

Physical activity

The consumption of alcohol or spicy food

Exposure to high temperature (sun, sauna, washing your face with too-hot water)

The weather: wind, cold…

Allergic reactions (to medication or skincare products)

Hot flushes during menopause


Ageing: from the age of 25, the skin becomes much more sensitive to redness


If your redness is linked to these factors, don’t worry, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you (phew!), it’s a normal way of your body reacting to external factors. :)


However, if your redness is accompanied by other symptoms like itching, soreness, swelling… You should speak to a dermatologist. It could be that you have a more serious problem: erythrose or rosacea. Our tips will work, but it’s important to get a diagnosis in order to properly treat these conditions.


How to control redness


1. With adapted skincare products


Facial redness tends to settle in on super sensitive skin. It is important to use skincare products that will strengthen and protect the skin’s damaged barrier. Opt for products that are 100% natural and which don’t contain any potential irritants like preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or high alcohol content. Also avoid sulfates, highly irritant cleansing agents, and mineral oils that suffocate the skin.


If you are wearing makeup, remove it with a makeup removing milk which nourishes, protects and soothes the skin and rinse your skin with cold water or with soothing floral water, so you can avoid hard tap water. If you prefer using cleansers, opt for ones that are very gentle, without any aggressive lathering agents. Apply a nourishing cream that prevents and soothes irritation and redness. You can also apply a few drops of hemp oil or calendula extract in order to thoroughly and deeply soothe the skin.


2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


It is absolutely essential to keep the skin hydrated by drinking water all through the day. For healthy skin, it really is your best friend. It absorbs nutrients and allows the body to get rid of toxins. If you’re sick of drinking water as it is, you can hydrate yourself with broths, tea, herbal teas, and infusions. 😉


3. Foods to avoid


Leave your spices in the cupboard! If you are prone to redness, they can trigger sudden reddening. For example, chile contains capsaicin which dilates the mouth’s blood vessels. When you consume it, you’re guaranteeing yourself a hot flush!


When food is too hot, it asks your body to adapt its temperature to theirs, which leads to the dilation of blood vessels and the appearance of redness on the face.


Alcohol, which acts directly on the body by dilating our blood vessels, is also one to avoid!


Foods that are rich in saturated fat increase inflammation in all of our body’s blood vessels, the skin included. Causing… That’s right, redness to appear on the face!


4. Choosing the right makeup 


Try to choose makeup that is 100% natural, mineral-based, in order to avoid silicons and petrochemical oils which prevent the skin from breathing and bring it no goodness. You should also check that your products don’t contain nanoparticles, which can be dangerous if they accumulate in your body.


Before applying your foundation, don’t forget to put on a soothing, anti-redness face cream as a base. You can also opt for a 100% natural corrector with green pigment which will work to balance out any redness.. :)


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