6 tips for perfect skin in quarantine

By the 08 April 2020

Modifié le 09 April 2020

Have you noticed your skin deteriorating during quarantine? Dryness, loss of radiance, increase in acne? For once, makeup, pollution or even sun exposure are not what’s causing this discomfort. But don’t panic! We’re going to explain what’s causing this and, of course, give you our best advice to sort out these skin issues, even in quarantine!



1. Watch what you eat



When keeping ourselves busy during quarantine, we tend to look for moments of pleasure in baking, cooking up big meals, that are often rich and accompanied by alcohol or soft drinks and all topped off with a lack of physical activity. Unfortunately, this is the perfect combination to cause imperfections to appear. Basically, when we eat foods that are rich in hyperglycemic carbohydrates and saturated fats, your body will produce more insulin, which will, in turn, stimulate your sebaceous glands and produce sebum.

It’s therefore super important to pay attention to what you eat. Think about eating balanced and varied meals – fish (if you eat it), vegetables, grains… And avoiding snacking between meals.

To find out more about what foods we do and don’t advise, check out our article on our 6 top tips to regulate oily skin with our diet!



2. Keep moving!


Moving your body remains essential to our general health and has numerous benefits for your mood, your body and your skin! This allows us to get some fresh air while eliminating bad toxins from your body. You can find a whole wealth of at-home workouts online and on social media sites. If you’re not sure where to look, check out our list of 5 amazing workouts you can do at home!

P.s. Keep in mind that our immune systems get stronger when we’re keeping fit! :)



3. Avoid doing ‘too much’



Quarantine can often be synonymous with boredom. And when we’re bored, we often go a little overboard – too much exfoliation, too many masks, too much fiddling with your skin… Basically just doing a bit TOO MUCH.

First of all, be wary of exfoliants which can sometimes do a lot more harm than good for your skin. Doing a mask can allow your skin to regain its radiance, strength and life, but make sure you’re not doing them more than once a week.

Quarantine or not, try not to fiddle with your skin – the very best thing you can do is let your skin breathe, it’ll be living its best life in no time!



4. I nourish my skin like I nourish my body #oOlution



Even during quarantine, it is absolutely essential to nourish your skin as you would your body, so you can provide it will everything it needs to thrive.

This is why oOlution develops products which are rich in organic plant-based active ingredients, meaning that everybody – regardless of their skin type or condition – can get everything they need! Depending on your skin type, why not try one of our trial kits which will be 100% reimbursed? But be careful, you might get addicted!



5. Hydrate!



We can never say it enough, but drinking 1.5l of water a day at the very least is absolutely essential for a healthy body and mind. Other than its essential functional role, water allows you to take care of your skin by eliminating toxins, finding its perfect physical harmony, improving your mind and even maintaining your figure! It will also hydrate your skin from the inside. And if drinking that much water every day seems like an enormous challenge, there are multiple different ways you can consume it: herbal teas, infusions, vegetable soups…

Here’s a challenge for you: you’ve got 10 minutes to drink a glass of water. On your marks…



6. Be careful to not overheat your home



We get it, it’s not that warm yet, but this isn’t a reason to crank up your heating to the max!
Heating your house dries out the air, and the dryer the air is, the more your skin dries out. It’s therefore super important to not overheat your home and to try and air it out as often as you can – your skin and your wallet will thank you for it!

This post is also available in french.


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