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5 tips for radiant skin!

By the 21 January 2020

Modifié le 12 June 2020

Bright and glowing skin, a fresh and even complexion? In the middle of Winter, when the mirror reflects our worn-out features, a dull and tired complexion, radiant skin seems like a far-off dream. But you can get back your radiant skin, even in the middle of Winter!


Anti-radiance enemies


Naturally, the cold season brings with it numerous enemies that threaten your glow. Our skin has been getting paler and paler, and our skin’s got less plump. The smallest redness or blemish stands out on our pale skin, whereas darker skin tends can get a bit greyish. Something is absent in our lives, one that we really miss… the sun! Because lack of UV means that are vitamin D levels are plummeting. And do you know why this vitamin is so important? That’s right: cell renewal, which as a result, slows down dramatically. The result is that dead cells get a bit of extra time on our faces.


While struggling to renew itself, our skin also gets put to the test. Heating, the cold, and the wind dry it out. Heavy, greasy meals, that we eat lots of during the holiday period, overload our bodies: our skin struggles to eliminate toxins and impurities. The whole package: pores get clogged, imperfections pop out, leaving you with a dull and shiny complexion. Anything else? Being tired out, our skin then finds it difficult to fight against free radicals: making the skin age quicker, and increasing the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

But don’t panic, it’s not over yet: by putting these 5 tips into practice, your face will regain all of its radiance.


1.    Products adapted to your skin type AND condition

Before doing anything, it’s important to know your skin type: normal, combination, oily, or dry. A skincare routine that isn’t adapted to your skin will weaken it or cause your skin’s defense reflexes to deteriorate, leading to dehydration and/or overproduction of sebum. In other words… Giving you an even more dull and tired complexion! But you should also take into account your skin’s condition: dehydrated, mature, sensitive… It can fluctuate, according to the seasons, what you’ve been doing, your health, your age, your stage in your cycle. Basically, your skin has 1001 reasons to need specific treatments at any given time. In winter, it will generally crave skincare products that are richer in lipids.

Try to always choose your skincare products according to your skin’s needs. Our online skin diagnostic test will help you to get to know your skin better in 2 minutes, and show you the products in our range that will suit your needs. What’s the key to knowing your skin? Listen to your body… An adapted product will bring you long-lasting comfort and more radiant skin.


2.    Adopt good habits: no hiding and no scrubbing!


Some mornings it feels like the only thing we can do is wear a mask. However, it’s important to try and avoid covering up your face: keep makeup light, use products adapted to your skin tone, and try to use mineral-based makeups. Otherwise, all you’ll be doing is bringing out your blemishes and suffocating your skin even further. Ban sunbeds, who’s disastrous health effects aren’t even worth mentioning.


The temptation is also big to try and scrub away all your imperfections and dead cells. Don’t! Deep exfoliation feels really good. But its effects are short-lived. By scrubbing away too hard on your fragile skin, you risk attacking it and making it even more fragile. Your skin will become uncomfortable, and then over-greasy as it tries to defend itself. So forget scrubs that irritate, refine, and damage your skin. As well as sulfate-based cleansers, made with SLS or SLES, which fight against in their path: impurities, of course, but also the skin’s protective film.


3.   The essentials: a rigorous AND gentle routine


All of this being said, don’t leave your skin to take care of itself on its own. Thoroughly cleansing your skin in the morning and evening is the key to having radiant skin. But just be sure to do it gently…

Even if you don’t wear make-up, it’s crucial that you don’t skip this step! Cleansing will unclog your pores and make your skin more receptive to products. Opt for a cleanser that is gentle but strong. Yes, it does exist! Thanks to plant oils, which have compositions similar to the fatty acids in our sebum, and so penetrate the skin deeply, gently removing all of the undesirable substances. With a bonus effect: they provide you with nutrients, hydration, regulation, and comfort! Depending on your skin type, opt for our Oil Right makeup-removing oil, which suits most skin types, or our Milky Way makeup-removing milk, enriched with 15 plant oils and extracts, perfect for sensitive or dry skin. But what about oily skin? A sulfate-free cleansing gel containing non-comedogenic vegetable oils like sunflower oil, essential oils, and antibacterial hydrolats. Our gel cleanser Gentle Angel cleanses and purifies your face without drying it out or increasing sebum production.


Whichever cleanser you use, finish it all off with a spritz of hydrolats which will wash off the hard water that you’ve rinsed with (you can even rinse off your cleansing oil or milk with floral water), and also provide you with precious active ingredients which will give your skin a radiance boost, like raisin or lemon waters. Finally, hydrate your face in the morning and evening, radiant skin is skin that is healthy, nourished, and hydrated.

Apply your skincare products by hand where you can, in light circular motions. This activates micro-circulation, which is essential for cell renewal.


4.    Enrich your routine with radiance-boosting active ingredients 


With a good cleansing-hydration routine, everything should naturally fall back into place. But with certain specific active ingredients in your skincare products, your skill will be glowing in no time!


Particularly important for tired skin, you should opt for a hydrating cream that is rich in essential fatty acids. Plant oils and butters, full of lipids that are similar to those in your skin’s sebum, will soak into your skin, nourishing and revitalising it thoroughly. Some active ingredients that are particularly regenerating are baobab oil, olive oil, and argan oil. To brighten your complexion, focus on beta-carotene, carrot extract has a natural complexion-boosting effect, and musk rose has a complexion-evening effect. Flaxseed oil and shea butter are great for controlling redness and nourishing the most nutrient-deprived skin. Thanks to their fatty acid content and their vitamin E content, which is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.


Because dull skin is skin that needs antioxidants: its loss of radiance is largely due to daily aggressors – polution and UV exposure – which damage your cells. To detoxify and protect your skin, there’s nothing better than plant-based antioxidants, which are so effective that even the mainstream cosmetics industry uses them, blending them with synthetic active ingredients: green tea or blackberry extract, sesame oil, and grapeseed… Chlorella Vulgaris also has a great action against dark circles, which also boosts the radiance of your skin.

Choose a moisturiser that is enriched with blends of natural ingredients like Glow Up or Whole Again, according to your skin’s needs. For an extra boost, use our plumping face oil Plump It which will firm, illuminate, and tone your skin. In the evening, apply 2-3 drops to the tips of your fingers and apply to your face. You can finish off your routine with your hydrating cream!


Finally, if you have spots of hyperpigmentation, incorporate a serum like Light Up into your routine, which will help to illuminate your complexion. And a little tip: don’t overlook the importance of an eye contour cream, which can really brighten your complexion.


5.    Beauty starts on your plate


It is important to focus on your lifestyle. And, in particular, your diet: your diet can cancel out the effects of even the most perfect skincare routine! Focus on vitamins, good fatty acits, and antioxidants: plant oils (olive, walnut, rapeseed), oily fish, seafood, green vegetables, wholegrains, citrus, green tea… Indulge in fresh, organic (and seasonal!) fruit and vegetables which will provide you with fibre and vitamins, essential for getting rid of toxins – root vegetables and cabbage. Look out for beta-carotene too, which is antioxidant and great for boosting radiant skin: carrots, spinach, sweet potato, squash… And to compensate for seasonal vitamin D deficiencies: egg yolks, dairy products, mushrooms, or… dark chocolate, which might be a little more interesting!  Avoid ready meals, refined sugars, and fried foods. As well as avoiding smoking, limiting alcohol, but drinking lots of water!


Finally, make sure you’re getting enough sleep to boost cell renewal, and air out your house every day. Even if it’s cold outside, go out for a walk or to do some exercise… And you’ll have a radiant Winter in no time!


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