Which floral water can I use for my imperfections, pimples and blackheads?

By the 29 November 2019

Modifié le 17 March 2020

Using flowers to treat pimples and blackheads? What a strange idea! When it comes to fighting imperfections, you probably think of heavier artillery used to strip your skin of its excess sebum, heal and purify it. However, let us reassure you: floral waters are truly beneficial for your skin! Let us tell you why.


So what are floral waters? 


For starters, you may not really know what a floral water is. A herbal tea? Hmm, not quite. A floral water – also known as a hydrolat – is not just an infusion or a decoction. It’s the water that evaporates when we produce essential oils through plant distillation. Therefore, floral waters consist of water containing traces of essential oils. They often tend to be unfairly overlooked, but they really do have something to offer when it comes to skincare.


Due to their method of production, they have similar properties to essential oils, but are much more gentle. The advantage? Effective action without any risks! Everyone can use floral waters safely, even babies and pregnant or breastfeeding women. The only reason to be cautious would be if you were allergic to one of the plants the floral water was produced from. On the other hand, essential oils should be used very carefully and in some cases, should not be used at all. 


What’s more, with a neutral pH, they are able to act gently on all types of skin, soothing and purifying without drying the skin out.


Floral waters are multi-functional and hyper-practical to use. On a reusable makeup removal pad, with your fingers or even in a spray, they can be used at any point during the day, without limit and without needing to rinse. They can be used in the mornings in a lotion to wake up the skin and prepare it for your moisturizer and in the evenings to finish of your cleansing routine. You can even use them for a quick refreshment in the middle of the day at work, with a soothing cream for after sun exposure or in an after shaving lotion. They’re perfect for replacing the water you use to rinse with or for being the aqueous phase in your homemade cosmetics: Not calcareous and even anti-calcareous, they truly have hundreds of benefits. In short, the only limit to the uses of your floral water is your imagination!


Why should you use them to fight imperfections? 


They’re multi-function waters, but why should floral waters be used to fight imperfections? We normally associate floral waters with sensitive skin in need of gentleness and don’t often think about them in association with imperfection-prone skin. We also wrongly believe that imperfection-prone skin is always oily skin. Not true!


Oily skin needs gentleness too. It overproduces sebum to fight against exterior irritation, if you get rid of all this excess sebum, it will only make your skin produce even more sebum in retaliation. On the other hand, if you treat oily skin gently, you’ll soothe it and release some of the pressure, so it will stop producing so much excess sebum. 


However it’s important to know that imperfection-prone skin is not always oily skin. Of course, oily skin is more at risk, but normal, dry or sensitive skin can also be affected. Hormones, stress, over-indulging in certain foods, smoking etc. : the skin can begin to feel under threat and produce more sebum which will accumulate and eventually block your pores. Certain bacteria will begin to develop and then hello pimples and blackheads. Despite this, a lot of anti-imperfection products specifically designed for oily skin are not actually well adapted to respond to the needs of oily skin. Not floral waters though!


Floral waters have properties that are beneficial to imperfection-prone skin – ALL types of imperfection-prone skin. Let us give you a quick run down of the ones we recommend the most. 


Which hydrolats should I use for my imperfection-prone skin?


What are the selection criteria? Some floral waters have a very particular and pronounced scent. Some people like this but it doesn’t suit everybody. But here’s some good news: there are several hydrolats that are adapted to your needs, so you can choose one with a scent you really like 😉


Some are more effective, so we particularly recommend them to those who have oily skin with persistent imperfections. Are you prone to getting acne on your face? Try hydrolats, known to be highly-effective, to purify your skin, regulate sebum and fight against secondary infections. Tea Tree is a powerful antibacterial hydrolat – we used to use it as an antibiotic before the development of synthetic molecules. Elderberry is one of the best anti-inflammatories, and Grapefruit has astringent properties which are effective against dilated pores and so in floral-water form, they are excellent regulators for oily skin. But be aware, all 3 have powerful scents. Tomato, rich in vitamin C, dries out pimples, but it’s not so good for sensitive as it is also lightly abrasive. 


Looking to fight imperfections in sensitive skin? Try Green Tea. It has similar effects to Tea Tree but is much more gentle. It’s astringent, purifying, re-establishes pH, soothes inflammation and cleanses without irritating. We also recommend the different Lavenders which heal, regenerate, tighten pores and delicately soothe all types of skin. Ylang-Ylang, with a strong floral perfume can soothe and tone oily, combination and even dry skin. Both are a real pick-me-up for fatigued or mature skin. 


The most effective thing to do is to play with different combinations: this is the only way to meet all of your skin’s needs and thus to prevent it from overproducing sebum. Our toning water Flower Power, with a gentle and tonic scent, is made up of more than 25 organic plant extracts chosen for their beneficial properties. The result: it’s able to hydrate, purify, soothe, detoxify, regulate sebum and tighten pores. Being finely balanced, it’s suitable for all skin types, including dry or sensitive skin, thanks to the Cucumber or Kiwi which soothe and hydrate. 


In the case of imperfections that are more pronounced or long-lasting or you are anticipating a delicate period for your skin, trying using our Game Over balancing serum. Apply a few drops in the morning and evening all over the face or in targeted areas according to your needs to treat or prevent imperfections. It’s non-drying, so it’s suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. A prior spray of Flower Power will prepare your skin for Game Over, and will be a little moment of pleasure in your routine. It’s like a bouquet of flowers for your skin :).

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