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Everyone knows you’re supposed to moisturize your face, but what about the rest of your body? It’s just time consuming and boring! Perhaps you’re even having trouble knowing how to add body cream into your daily routine. However, in order for your skin to cope with the change in seasons as best as it can, it’s essential to keep all of your skin well moisturized… Have a read of this guide!


When should I moisturize my body?


Do you know when you’re supposed to moisturize your body? Did you say summer? That’s right! This is when most people think about moisturizing their skin. With all the sun and swimming, the skin can become dry and peel and of course it’s much more visible than normal. However, when the weather starts to cool and the jumpers come out of the wardrobe, we have a tendency to only worry about our faces. This is a big mistake! The cold, the wind, drying hot showers, scrubbing your skin and pollution all make the skin’s hydrolipidic film more fragile – just like sun rays, sweat and swimming pool water. A defective protective film can’t effectively carry out its 2 functions: retaining water in the epidermis and protecting the skin against exterior irritants. The result is dry skin that becomes more sensitive. When the loss of water in your skin becomes too great, dry patches and dull and rough skin begin to appear.  

If you have atopic skin, your skin will start to feel uncomfortable as soon as it’s even slightly lacking in moisture. However, regular moisturizing is still necessary for everyone, regardless of skin type, in order to retain the skin’s suppleness, comfort and glow and to slow down the effects of aging. Maybe your skin’s appearance just isn’t as important to you when you’re not on the beach. This may be the case, but your glowing summer skin still needs looking after all year round! With good moisturizing, you’ll find that dry skin really isn’t the end of the world, even in the middle of winter!

So when should you moisturize? The simple answer is when you feel the need to. At least after your shower or bath, to counteract the drying effects of hard hot water; but also before and after sun exposure (paying attention to photosensitizing ingredients) to reinforce the skin against UV rays. If you wax or shave your legs, bikini line or armpits, it’s a prerequisite to avoid ingrown hairs and painful red pimples. During pregnancy and post-partum you should be particularly careful. Rapid weight gain and then weight loss, lots of water loss, milk surges, hormonal imbalances and less collagen will really put your skin to the test. This can of course cause stretch marks, but also skin that is dry AND oily but missing its suppleness which you’ll want to get back after giving birth.


Which active ingredients should I use on my skin ?


Look for products that are 100% natural and rich in plant-based oils and butters. This is the only way to protect yourself against harmful, carcinogenic, polluting or endocrine disrupting substances, that are too commonly used in conventional cosmetics (For advice, see our article: How to find cosmetics that really are natural), but also to guarantee you active ingredients that really are effective. 

The quality of a moisturizing cream depends on the quality of its oily phase: the aqueous phase is unable to penetrate the epidermis on its own. More often than not, the oily phases of cosmetics are illusionists: mineral and silicone oils that just deposit a film on the surface of the skin. Water can no longer evaporate out, of course, but this doesn’t actually hydrate the skin. What’s worse is that the skin suffocates and can no longer take in humidity from the air. We should add that some are suspected of being endocrine disruptors and that ALL of them are hyper-polluting…

The lipids in high quality plant-based oils and butters have a close affinity with those in our skin, so are able to soak in completely. Because of this, they are able to access the superficial cells of the epidermis to hydrate them and bring them nutrients. They even reinforce the hydrolipidic film with good oils, that are capable of retaining water. Double success ! As long as they are virgin oils (or raw butters), that are cold pressed and from organic agricultural raw materials (To find out more, see our article : The marvelous properties of plant oils)


For every skin, according to its needs


Incredible plant-based active ingredients… Their variety and their range of action allows them to meet the needs of every skin type. It’s so important to find the right cream for your skin. If it’s too heavy it will cause imperfections and give you an unpleasant greasy feeling. If it’s not rich enough, it won’t satisfy your skin’s need for hydration, leaving your skin feeling uncomfortable. To find out which type of cream you need, listen to your skin!
Normal to dry skin: a moisturizing milk

Does your skin tend to feel a bit dry after you shower or in winter, but not too dry otherwise? Choose a light and fluid milk that’s easy to apply. It works to maintain or re-establish the skin’s balance and comfort in all situations. Even skin that appears healthy can be irritated, tired or dull. Hydrating your skin gives it all the tools it needs to defend itself. 

To hydrate, soften and tone your skin without making it feel greasy, choose a balanced milk made of light plant oils and floral waters. Olive oil to reinforce the hydrolipidic film, Sunflower oil for softness, Perilla oil for its revitalizing qualities… Kalahari melon oil nourishes and protects without making the skin too oily and passionfruit restores glow. Carrot macerate also keeps the skin glowing whilst having slight anti-UV action. Green tea is an antioxidant and protects and softens the skin, alfalfa aqueous extract has a firming action and poppy and marshmallow plant soothe and hydrate.

So which oOlution product is right for you ? We recommend Magic Milk, our organic hydrating milk for normal to dry skin, with its 55 plant-based active ingredients, its light texture that’s very quickly absorbed and its fruity and vanilla fragrance.
Very dry and/or fragile skin: a nourishing cream
Do you have skin that’s frequently or even constantly dry and uncomfortable? Do you suffer from scaly dry skin on your legs? Take your skincare to the next level: deeply nourish your skin with high quality oils! Choose a cream that is rich in lipids, mixed with some soothing floral waters. 

To soothe, repair and reinforce your skin, you need very nourishing plant-based active ingredients: plant butters (Shea, Cocoa) and rich, protective, reparative and reconstructive oils. Examples are Avocado, Baobab, Coconut, Desert Date… Neem, Sweet Almond and Brazil Nut soothe irritations, and Andiroba prevents them. Add Macadamia nut oil to soften the skin, Marula oil to revitalize and Apricot oil to give the skin back its shine!

Our organic nourishing cream Body Guard is gentle but effective. Use it without moderation in your case. As it is made without essential oils, it’s completely safe for everyone: ideal for during pregnancy to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and even for moisturizing your little one’s dry skin. 
Atopic, damaged or irritated skin: a reparative balm
Areas of intense dryness, eczema, scars, periods of time spent in the snow or in the sun… your skin can really be put to the test. Sometimes, for certain periods of time and for certain parts of the skin, you’ll need to use a more product that acts more intensely: a reparative and ultra-nutritious balm.

So how does it work? We use the richest active ingredients found in moisturizing creams to relieve, soothe and nourish your skin. However, the balm has an even more enveloping and nourishing texture as it is 100% made from plant-based oils and butters, with no water or hydrolats.

Our product Loving Balm can really save your skin: 53 plant oils, 2 plant butters and nothing else! It’s perfume free to avoid irritating damaged skin and is suitable for everyone, even pregnant women and young children.

However, if you are looking for a lighter product in summer when your skin is in less need of help, you can swap your cream for a dry finish plant oil: Argan oil, Apricot oil for illumination, Jojoba oil or macadamia oil. Even better, use a mixture of them, such as our multi-function oil Oil Lala which will cover all of your skin’s needs.


What should my body care routine look like?

Even the best moisturizing cream won’t be effective if you ruin its action with an aggressive cleansing product. Avoid the sulfated agents SLS and SLES, which are industrial grease-removers often used in shower gels: they only strip the oils away from your hydrolipidic film. Think that you’re protected now you’ve switched to using a solid natural soap? Make sure it doesn’t contain SCI, a surfactant derived from coconut oil – it’s natural but can be irritating for sensitive skin. The best option to look after your skin (and the environment!) is a cold process soap made from 100% natural ingredients that’s rich in plant-based oils, like our Soap Rise. Avoid water that’s too hot, don’t bathe for too long and don’t over-exfoliate – don’t exfoliate at all if you have sensitive or atopic skin.

Always apply your moisturizer to clean and delicately dried skin, focusing on the areas that have a tendency to be more dry (knees, elbows, arms etc). More than anything, listen to your skin: for example if your legs are more dry and your chest more oily, don’t apply your super nourishing cream to your chest area. 

Aim to turn this necessary chore into a moment of true pleasure with an added benefit for your skin by choose a cream with a texture and fragrance that you like. Apply it with small massaging movements to activate micro-circulation, drain, relax you and even relieve minor pain. Moisturizing your body will become an enjoyable part of your day that you won’t want to get rid of anymore! 

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