oOlution is launching a new packaging consignment initiative!

By the 04 October 2019

Modifié le 22 June 2020

The first at-home consignment initiative for beauty products


We’re always wanting to invest more in circular economies, to which the name oOlution (oO = infinity) refers. We’re continuing to innovate the beauty market with the first at-home beauty product consignment initiative. How does it work? In every order we send out, you’ll find a T envelope. This pre-paid envelope will allow you to send your empties back to us, free of charge, by simply dropping them off in a postbox. The tubes, pots, and lids will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by people with disabilities (with the ESAT organisation), and then refilled with new products, ready for a new life. The tubes and pumps which are damaged and not able to be reused will be recycled and used for other purposes.


Our aim: to simplify social initiatives while being as environmentally responsible as possible


It is important that everyone does their bit as a citizen, including us as a business. As well as economic measures, we believe in our position as an agent of change that innovates in the name of biodiversity and the environment. Our at-home consignment initiative allows you to simplify what you do for the environment while helping us to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


The ecological advantages of our recycling initiative


At oOlution, we’re bringing back the principle of consignment, which has been overlooked for a long time now. Our products will be reconditioned, and the packaging reused, allowing us to reduce and avoid the use of wasteful materials in several ways:


  • during the manufacturing stage (the use of petrol, petrochemical products, transportation, casting)
  • during the packaging stage (ink, varnish, transportation)
  • during the recycling stage (problems with sorting, pollution, energy-intensive transportation)


An ecological approach that we’ve adopted since oOlution’s creation


Since our creation, we’ve been pioneers not only in terms of our innovative formulas but also in our ecological approach. Wanting to reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve carried out an eco-design study on all of our products. This has allowed us to reduce the environmental impact of all of our products at the source all along their life cycle in terms of 14 environmental criteria (global warming, marine toxicity, freshwater eutrophication).


oOlution is also the first brand in the world to formulate its products without any palm oil derivatives, which are omnipresent in mainstream cosmetics, responsible for deforestation and the cause of major fires in South East Asia. To take this even further, we’ve taken ownership of 8 hectares of threatened forest in Indonesia to save them from deforestation and this is all thanks to your orders and support!


All oO packaging is also 100% recyclable as it is free from metal parts. All of our packaging is 100% recycled and comes from FSC-certified forests. Finally, thanks to our constant support of biodiversity, we received an award from the Minister of Ecology in December 2013.

All of the commitments have allowed us to create our oOlution products with a very low carbon footprint. Please keep following our adventure and supporting us to push ourselves further and further in our ecological initiatives.


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