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By the 03 September 2014

Modifié le 10 June 2020

We will never say it enough, the massive use of palm oil in our daily products is a plague. An environmental plague related to incessant deforestation that provokes the destruction of ecosystems among the richest of the world. A human plague among the inhabitants of South-East Asia or Amazonia where many industrials destroy homes without scruples in order to grow even more palm oil. This sad fact that, as if it isn’t enough, gets even worse when we get to the fate of the orangs-outangs and the tigers of Sumatra. Endangered for many years, they are today more than ever on the verge of being extinct.

If this inventory hurts us and makes us repulse the companies that exploit and destroy Nature without remorse, it doesn’t discourage us. On the contrary, we want to drive our ability to act from them to reverse the trend. The force to say “NO!” and to simply and daily go into action to restore ecosystems and establish a more fair community. Utopian? No, within everyone’s reach, and for this each one of our little gestures count.


Yes, we all have our role to play in the change. The occidental ways incite too regularly people to – wrongly – think they don’t have the means to act and that they actually can’t do anything. First of all because it’s not by ourselves that we can change the world and second of all because our society, physically far away from the environmental and human problems, doesn’t do much to raise awareness. At oOlution, we are convinced of the contrary!

We believe that change is in progress and that it is exactly everyone’s actions that will contribute to collective awareness. It’s what we call “doing your part”, like we explained in our article on Pierre Rabhi that founded the Colibris’ Movement.

But how do we fight against palm oil when we live in a country that massively imports from the other side of the planet and when most of the products that we usually use contain palm oil?


The most simple commitment and maybe with the most impact in this combat anti palm oil is in the supermarket while we shop. The first reflex to pick up is to pay attention to the products that we buy and the brands we choose. Privileging ethical brands is opening the way to responsible consumption and to show you choose your way of life. Not only are we boycotting giant industrials by refusing to raise their turnover but we are also encourgaging brands that have made the right choice concerning their ethical position to continue their good deeds.

Pragmatics will think that it’s ad drop in the ocean and will refuse this effort, however it’s by showing the way that we incite change. By doing something you will most surely unite your loved ones by inspiring them with your determination. They will also inspire their friends and loved ones and with a snow ball effect, there won’t be a handful but hundreds then thousands that will act for our community’s well-being.

So starting now, put down all those products with palm oil like your cookies, chips, chocolate (and other) spreads containing “vegetable oil” or “vegetable fat” in the list of ingredients.


Another way of doing your part is to include your voice in the collective cries of distress. May it be a physical manifestation or a petition to sign, every person counts! You know it, unity is strength. It’s the same concerning fund raisers: no need to send half of your salary to charities to be useful, only hope that the small donation will incite others to do the same on the way to solidarity.

It’s when a scandal explodes that people are outraged and unite for the same cause and we see the most important and fastest changes. For example, big supermarkets, after the polemic on trawling in deep waters, decided to stop selling fish from these waters. While watching out for sincere initiatives and greenwashing, these events are the proof that our awareness against immoral ways is obligatory.


to come back to a domaine we well know, some big cosmetic groups are the perfect examples with announcements that can leave us puzzled. The latest: the announcement of one of them’s decision to ban palm oil produced from deforestation by 2020 to adopt a “sustainable” palm oil. On top of admitting as if it were nothing that the palm oil they currently use provokes deforestation, they are satisfied with a galloping deforestation for the 6 years. That’s it.

Still on “sustainable” palm oil, a giant american producing morning cereal recently promised to put in place a charter for sustainable palm oil provision that surpasses the weak criteria delivered by the round table for sustainable palm oil (RSPO). A politic change which is not random but due to groups that are going into action like the Rainforest Action Network that multiply the petitions to evaluate their ways of working. The organization calls to continue rallying up to push this company to put in place as soon as possible what is for now nothing more than a simple declaration of what they plan on doing. Today, the palm oil used in the morning cereal of this american company is supplied by Malaysian group KLK that employs men, women and children in conditions that resemble slavery.


At oOlution, fighting against palm oil is a priority. The fact that we are the first cosmetic brand in the world to banish palm oil from our formulas and all its derivatives shows the lack of initiative on the matter.

If you too think that a better life is related to respecting nature and mankind, don’t listen to the pessimists and prophets of disaster. Let’s be confident that it’s really us that have the power to make our community evolve the right way. Every day, every choice, every petition, every action counts.

To learn more and help the protestation movements against deforestation by signing petitions as far as they are concerned, we suggest the following websites:

–          Sauvons la foret

–          Les amis de la Terre

–          Greenpeace

–          Rainforest Action Network



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