Contest: win 100€ worth of loOve cards (5*20€)

By the 03 September 2014

Today we are celebrating Mardi gras! Here is what we have planned: festivities, costumes, joy… we thought it was the right time to share our joy and let you win oOlution gift cards. Yes, it’s out of the blue and it’s even better that way! See, we’re always thinking of you.

You can win: 100€ of gift cards in the form of 5 loOve cards of 20€ each. The little lucky ones that will be given this cards will be able to choose from all the oOlution products. May it be for you or a loved one, here is a nice thought that should have its affect!

To be among the 5 lucky ones it’s very easy:

1. Fill out this form right under here, be sure to fill out all the fields and only choose one answer (yes, it would be too easy otherwise)

2. One the form is filled out, click Send

3. Leave us a message at the bottom of the article to validate your participation and double check that the “Publish on Facebook” field is checked.

Once you’ve done all that you only have to cross your fingers. The 5 winners will be randomly picked out among the right answers.

In case of a mistake, you can always leave a little message: we will do our best to give an answer as soon as possible. There you go. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page regularly, we’ve planned tons of surprises in the next months…

Good luck and see you Friday for the result announcement!


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