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By the 02 September 2014

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Week of disabilities: a national movement

Like every year France is mobilized for people with disabilities during the National week for people with physical disabilities – this year from the 10th to 16th of March 2014.

Brought by the APF – Association for the paralyzed in France – that tries to benefit from this national week to develop local projects, many volunteers and associations move all around the country to enforce the rights of the handicapped, too often forgotten. Among them: access to public place, social care and support, the combat against isolation and solitude…

Deployed everywhere in France in the form of awareness booths, sales or fund raisers, the association tends to be heard among all the french citizens. It calls to volunteering and community service in different ways on it’s website: you will find everything on www.apf.asso.fr.


At oOlution, we are committed to the professional insertion of the disabled since our creation. We have always been inspired by biodiversity, it was obvious to do everything in our power to let everyone, without any exceptions, do his/her part in our community.

Collage des étiquettes oOlution par des personnes en situation de handicap


Thus, all the labels of our products are put on by disabled people. More than a good deed, it’s a true chance to be able to bring diversity, natural and human, at every level of our project. It’s also the occasion to make wonderful human exchanges during which each party can learn from the other.

Yes, we are very proud of our collaboration with disabled people and we thank with all of our hearts the Etai Workshop in Villejuif for their involvement and the beautiful energy they brought to oO!

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