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By the 31 January 2014

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Just a few days left before the Chandeleur Sunday! As all the crêpe-makers are getting ready their best paste ever, we don’t think of innovating our fillers. From the traditional sugar crêpe to grandma’s jellies, there is a classic that we have a hard time avoiding during this yummy weekend: Nutella.


You already know that this famous chocolate spread has won the hearts of many fans, for whom it’s unthinkable to eat anything else.

But, many of us wonder more and more about the alternatives to Nutella when we know that this product contains a lot of palm oil. How can we keep eating toast that causes a massive deforestation and serious harm to biodiversity?

At oOlution, we make the fight against palm oil a daily commitment : we are the first cosmetic brand in the world to ban palm oil and all its derivatives from its formulas. We really wanted to show that an alternative in cosmetics was possible and we thus naturally thought of all the unconditional lovers of Nutella: why not offer them an alternative without palm oil?

We mustered courage to decide to test, just for you, a few chocolate spreads without palm oil during a very risky degustation séance. Yes, we lead a very difficult life… 😉

After braving the dangers to discover the best alternatives to Nutella, here is our verdict.


 Pate à tartiner Monoprix

Taking the same concentrations in hazelnuts (13%) and chocolate (7%) as Nutella, the Monoprix spread is a good alternative to get rid of palm oil at a very reasonable price.

Let’s be honest, no difference concerning the aspect and the texture: the spread has the same appearance as Nutella. As for the taste, it’s similar: the difference is undetectable for the non-regulars and almost undetectable for the unconditional consumers. What changes most is the sugar perception, very present in Nutella, it is attenuated here.

Casino sells the same product under a different name “I am hazelnut”. The ingredients are the same, the only difference is in the packaging and the price: it is 1€/kg less expensive than Monoprix’s.

You can also refer to the 20 minutes’ test that also finds this spread from Monoprix/Casinon almost identical to classic Nutella.

A very good alternative ! Do the test at home by serving it to guests without telling them it’s not Nutella and you’ll see if they notice or not… We bet they won’t see the difference ! 😉


 Pâte à tartiner bio Nucciolata

Be ready, what you are going to read may chock you: we found a chocolate/hazelnut spread that is better than Nutella! Yes yes, it comes from Italie and it is certified organic !

Its texture, thicker than Nutella, has little bubbles that seem like hazelnut or puffed rice. There is nothing better once in your mouth: the paste spreads easily and is unctuous, we don’t feel any “chips” or “pieces” during the degustation, and the texture is identical to classic spreads. The taste, globally richer and more pronounced, is stronger in hazelnut. That can explain the thicker texture, it contains 16% hazelnut compared to 13% in Nutella.

Let’s go right to the point, Nocciolata is for us th ideal alternative to Nutella. It’s the favorite spread according to the test by the blog Rose & Cook.

Go get Nocciolata, even more so that it is only 2 or 3€/kg more expensive than Nutella depending on the store you buy it from. You will probably as surprised as us when you discover its chocolate/hazelnut taste that is even more pronounced than Nutella’s, a true delight for your taste buds… :)

And the price?

  • I am hazelnut Casino: 3,78€ /kg
  • Chocolate spread Monoprix :4,78€ /kg  
  • Nutella : 10,10€ /kg
  • Nocciolata : 12,85€ /kg

Little deception: “Samba hazelnuts” by Rapunzel

 Pâte à tartiner bio Samba noisettes

We also took interest in the hazelnut spread by the organic brand Rapunzel that, unfortunately, uses palm oil. It’s sad for this very nice organic brand that made a great effort on the hazelnuts (45%). It’s rich composition in hazelnuts explains that this spread has such a diffrerent taste compared to the others. In the end, this spread isn’t an alternative but a different product from Nutella. If you are interested it is available in organic shops for about 18,40€/kg.

For the most curious ones, we found a video on YouTube of someone that took the time to test 26 brands of different spreads. Yes, there are experts that go all the way…



Now, all you have to do is test for yourself to surprise your friends and family for the chandeleur. Delicious crêpes but responsible too is possible 😉

Bon appétit !!!


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