Pumpkins : Halloween but not only!


By the 31 October 2013

Ah Halloween! An anglo-saxon holiday that bring a little joy for All Saints Day. Between putting on costumes and trick-or-treating, Halloween has its lot of codes that make this time of year a “can’t miss” for the ones that never lost their inner child. We also think of pumpkin carving and other types of squash, these heavy fruits we love to transform into terrifying lamps on october 31. What if we told you Pumpkins aren’t only candle holders?

Pumpkins, one of the first fruits imported in Maerica by Chritopher Columbus, is an cucurbitacea whoce seeds have many benefits. Pumpkin seed oil  (Cucurbita pepo seed oil) is particularly beneficial for the human body: it is known for its virtues against prostate problems, urinary infections and is a vermifuge. It also has very interesting cutaneous properties.

Rich in essential fatty acids and omega-3 (about 12% alphalinolenic acids) and vitamin B, C and E, this oil has very nourishing virtues for the skin. It also has strong anti-inflammatory properties and anti-allergies. Why? Because it has a very special molecule: an amino acid called cucurbitine. Anti-inflammatory, cucurbitine strongly inhibits histamin synthesis. It thus reduces the skin fragility and its tendency to be irritated.

Pumpkin seed oil has thus many benefits for the skin, particularly reactive skins that have a tendency to easily react. That is exactly why this natural vegetable oil is part of the ingredients of Whole again, our multi-action face care product for fragile and dry skin types. Also an ideal product to protect your skin when it’s cold out…

So if you have fragile skin, don’t wait for Halloween 2014 to benefit from pumpkins! :)

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