5 anti-cold tips for my skincare

5 tips anti-cold for my skincare

By the 18 October 2013

Modifié le 10 June 2020

Ah, autumn! It has only been here a month and we’re already dreaming of next summer… The cold is back, slowly but surely, and its lot of difficulties that start to be felt: dry skin, first cold, chapped lips… If ou’re lucky enough not to fell the side-effects of cold on your skin yet, still feel free to take a few notes, mother nature might drop the temperature sooner than you think.

n°1: drink 1,5L of water per day

Yes, we everybody’s been telling you to do so over the years but trust us, it’s now you need it the most. On the contrary to received ideas, your body doesn’t lose water only in the summer and it need to be rehydrated. Cold air is very dry and dries strongly the skin, especially days of beautiful weather. A simple gesture, that works to counter this it to drink a lot of water. Water and water nothing but water! 😉

n°2: raise your daily dose of omega 3

There’s nothing complicated to do so: use canola oil for your salad dressing and eat fatty fish. Mackerel, sardines, salmon… pick your choice ! For once we tell you to eat fat, enjoy! (but don’t get too carried away, there are no omega-3’s un chocolate and cheese that are tempting indeed…).

n°3: whatever you do: stop exfoliants

You might think that these products are good to purify your skin, but in reality by exfoliating your skin, it makes the cutaneous barrier fragile. Thus your skin is dehydrated even more… Avoid them!

n°4: use thermal water or floral water after cleansing

You might have noticed that your skin has a tendency to pull after cleaning it or removing your make up when it is cold: it’s because limestone dries your skin. To neutralize its effects you can vaporize an thermal water or floral water on your face. Don’t let it dry but tap it delicately off with a towel, it should soothe the pulling sensations.

N°5: at night, prefer a richer texture for your cheeks

More than the rest of your face, your cheeks hava a tendency to pull in the presence of dry or cold air. To go against this you can apply every night a richer texture for your cheeks, even you have a combination skin type and you usually use fluid textures. Evidently, we suggest our home-made magic weapon anti-cold: Whole again.

On the contrary to T zone (nose and forehead) that is oily, your cheeks have a tendency to be dehydrated. They appreciate this product that is more nourishing at the end of the day. And you should feel the difference the next morning!

Bonus: make a mask with your cream

You read correctly, a moisturizing cream can be used as a mask! If your skin really pulls even with the classic way of using your cream, apply it in a thick layer like a mask. Your skin will be able to abosrb the dose it needs until it isn’t thirsty anymore, under the condition you product has nutritious vegetable oils! And not oils that don’t nourish the skin at all, like esterified oils, hydrogenated oils or mineral oils. Leave it on 10 minutes and remove the leftover cream with a reusable wipe, more ecological than a cotton ball. :)

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