Natural vegetable oil: we approve!

By the 17 October 2013

Modifié le 10 June 2020

You already know that there’s fat and fat. In what you eat you replace, when it’s possible, butter with vegetable oil (olive oil, Sunflower…) that are better for your health. But, do you have the same reflexe concerning your skin?

Vegetable oils, what do they give my skin?

We already talked on this bloOg about the different oils used in cosmetics that are useless to the skin: esterified oils, hydrogenated o mineral. We find them all in our cosmetics, where they replace natural vegetable oils. But, only natural vegetable oils truly benefit your skin. Their properties are numerous: nourishing, protecting, repairing, there are even some that have a soothing role (Calophylle oil, black cumin oil, …) antioxidant (Sunflower oil, avocado oil, …) or even others that can prevent risks of cutaneous allergies, it is the case of Pumpkin seed oil.

Why are vegetable oils so good for my skin?

All of these benefits are due to active ingredients in the majority of vegetable oils. Amon them are omega 3, vitamin A ad E are on the podium, more or less concentrated depending on the plants.

The famous omega 3 is nutritiously good for cholesterol, in cosmetics it participates in a good hydration of the skin and repairs it. These omega 3 are concentrated in Canola oil, Hemp, Linen, Perilla and Sacha inchi.

Vitamin A is present in big quantities in Buriti oil and Musk Rose oil. It acts on skin regeneration and healing.

Finally vitamin E, very present in Argan, Avocado, Sesame and Sunflower oils is known for its anti-aging properties.

You’ve got it! Only vegetable oils for us!

All of the oils we have chosen in our face care products are natural vegetable oils, and they extracted from first cold pressing. We are the 1st cosmetic brand to have completely excluded transformed oils (esterified, hydrogenated) and made from petrol (mineral oils). Cheap ingredients and useless for the skin, no thanks!

You see, vegetable oils are of great benefit for your skin. So why deprive ourselves? You wouldn’t cook with esterified and mineral oils, why inflict them to your skin? Don’t let her take on what you save the rest of your body from and request the benefits of vegetable oils for her sake!

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