Retrouvez tous les conseils beauté au naturel d'Anne-Marie Gabelica. Quelque soit votre type de peau, vous apprendrez comment en prendre soin de manière 100% naturelle. Que vous ayez une peau mixte à grasse, avec des boutons ou des points noirs. Que vous vouliez agir efficacement contre les rides, taches ou cicatrices. Ou même si vous avez une peau sensible, vous aurez toutes les astuces pour une peau plus forte, saine et éclatante. Vous apprendrez aussi à décrypter les cosmétiques et à éviter les ingrédients indésirables. Et aussi à bien choisir vos cosmétiques bio, naturels et vegan.

Natural and natural origin, what’s the difference?

By the 24 March 2020

Natural cosmetics are thriving and we’re not complaining! Between some sometimes subtle nuances and confusions cleverly maintained by greenwashing, it’s not always easy to understand what you’re dealing with. Like, do you know the difference between a natural ingredient and an ingredient of natural origin? We might think that they’re one and the same: after all, both of them are derived from nature, right? In reality, the difference can be substantial…


Redness and dryness, the Winter aggressors

By the 23 March 2020

Ah yes, the cold season! Oh, how dry and drab my skin feels! For your skin, Winter is synonymous with hopelessness. It itches, it hurts, it stings… In terms of complexion, it’s no nicer – redness settles in. You’re grinding your teeth and hiding away waiting for the sunny season? We have more to offer you! Read our guide to transform the coldest months into a cocoon of softness for your skin.


How to rid your skin of aluminium salts

By the 17 March 2020

You’ve made a good decision: ridding your armpits of aluminium salts. You’ve even found your new natural deodorant (hint, hint, it’s called Keep Cool). Great idea! But the problem with aluminium salts is that they’re addictive. For our body and for our minds. Basically, although we know that they’re harmful, it’s not always easy to avoid them… Here are a few tips to help ease your transition from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant.